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YES! Thats us!!!

About my Story

I was very skinny and sporty since young. But somehow after my 30s I put on 15KG within a year while doing the same workout as before. I used to think that through exercise alone can help me lose the weight but I was wrong. I signed up gym membership, personal trainer and even visited slimming center, but I just can’t lose the weight. After knowing the importance of nutrition through my friends, I combined the concept of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise into my daily workout. I managed to shed of 10KG. I am so happy to be with the positive environment and friendly coaches. I am glad to make a difference in someone’s life and the community!!

Yes! I've transformed!

About my Story

I use to gym alot and hire personal trainer, and also slimming centre. Spend lum sum of money. And lost a few kilos and gain double. My heaviest is at 87kg. Myself here lost 14kg in 4 months, shed 8% body fat and gain +3% Muscle Mass.

Total I lose 24kg in 8 months and main over 9 months until now. Better energy and health. Kept it off for 7 years. And now improving leaner tone performance. Feeling alot better than before.

All thanks to cellular nutrition. Makes my lifestyle easier.

We organize Weight Loss Contests and Fun Fitness activities for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. Through these programs, we have managed to help people shed off their weight, gain weight and be healthier!

Be it weight loss, healthy exercises and good nutrition knowledge, we are here to help you work towards your goals.

How we can help you!

We offer a proven solution for people who are serious to shed off their excess weight. Since JUNE 2009, this program have helped more than 5,000 contestants lose over 50,000kg.

We organize MWS Weight Loss contest every fortnightly. The Top 5 best Contestants are rewarded with $50 to $1000 each round.

If you are serious to find out more,

please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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